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What's happening in Room 32

What's Going on in Room 32?

Week 2/12/18

We are participating in a fundraiser to help cure Leukemia! 

You can donate through the link, share it with family members and support our school and classroom.


Spelling BEE! Two students from our classroom participated in the Spelling Bee: Zach Bevins and Ayden Le. We are so proud of them both! Zach took 2nd place in our District Spelling Bee and moves on to the County Spelling Bee. Ayden Le took 9th, and that's not an easy feat. Both boys did really well and we congratulate them both!
Multiplication Mania! Last year my classroom took first place in the multiplication race. We are participating in this again for this current year. Please have your students practice their speed in Multiplication:
Tutoring: (Math) Math tutoring has begun again for this semester. Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30, students are participating in Khan Academy and Prodigy Academy lessons. We correct, analyze and dissect math problems they struggle with on 6th grade level.


Reading: We will begin to read The Hunger Games as a class this week. Students will also continue to read their own leveled book on Lit2Go, and answering questions. 
Math: We have finished Integers and will begin Coordinate Geometry this coming week and the following week. 
Science/Social Science: switch for the next 3 days (Thursday, Monday/Thursday - 2/15, 2/19, 2/21)
History Day: Students are creating a "Conflict & Compromise" project for History Day. This is due 2/19 and we will have this on display at the school for Science Fair/History Day evening on 2/21 from 4:30-6:00.
Writing: Students have been writing Informational Essays. We started with free descriptive writing, then we transitioned into research-based Informational writing. We had an expert speaker come in to talk to the kids about exercise and nutrition. We will write a compare and contrast and a narrative expository essay next.


Week 1/29/18                               


We are using an online reading program. Students are able to 'listen' to the story, should they prefer to listen, as opposed to reading. Each Chapter is followed by an activity, designed to enhance their students comprehension of the story. Currently they have completed two chapters. Ask your child about this form of reading and responding.

We have begun to utilize this online grammar site. Today students learned about adding adverbs to their sentences, combining sentences and took a diagnostic on grammar usage. You can find a link to all new online programs there. Ask your student about this new tool in our classroom.



Students are able to watch a video, learn about various topics and create their own rhyming videos to help understand the content.



Students have been tasked with writing a descriptive essay. They were provided the opportunity to choose their own topic of interest to them. We have been working on Descriptive Informational Writing since last week. Please ask them how it's going and have them tell you about their topic.



We have almost completed our fraction unit and are learning about Integers. Students will be devising a menu and figuring out the required ingredients as a comprehensive real-world project. Integers will begin tomorrow and we will also be doing a performance task on this unit as well. Students can always log on to Pearson at home.


Conflict & Compromise:

We are embarking on a project for the History Day in February, one that will be held during our Science Fair. Wednesday February 21st, after school, we will display 5th and 6th grade Science Fair and History Day Projects. Students are picking a topic this week and will be assembling over the weekend, next week and the following weekend. They will be required to do work at home for this culminating project. They can research their topic here :


Makey/Makey & Scratch

Makey Makey and Scratch are two tools that enable students to create interactive displays, projects and to just create. They will be shown how to enhance their Conflict & Compromise project through Makey Makey and Scratch. They will also create other types of projects, including use of the 3D printer. I'm hopeful they can make their projects 'come to life,' through the use of technology, coding, circuitry of the Makey Makey and engineer their ideas.

Science/Social Studies Switch
We have started our second Science rotation of the year and students are learning about weather, climate, soil and erosion. They are in room 29 during five days over the next two weeks, once this rotation is completed, we will return to Social Science. Students will be learning about Ancient Egypt next is social science.

Makey Makey STEM Pack in room 32.

Central Unified Foundation supplied our class with funding for our Makey Makey, which has begun to take off. Please check out the videos students made on completing a circuit by grounding themselves to Earth. They've created a circuit to extend the reaches of their computer's keyboard by turning semi-conductive items into keys of their computer.

  • Stay-tuned for more projects, lessons on this fantastic STEM product!


BreakOUT EDU Gaming!
  • Helps students learn to persevere to problem-solve! 

Virtual Story Telling through 3D Virtual Reality for Chevron Maker

My students received a 3D printer, filament for printing and a class set of the Book: The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero.
  • We will use our 3D printer to create real-life versions of storybook characters to re-enact scenes from our books. Students will use these to create virtual reality re-tellings, stop motion action films and so much more.
  • Students created board-games, based on math and reading strategy concepts; now they can create real moving pieces for those games.
  • Current events and problems in our community are perfect means to get those brains thinking. We are 'makers' and students will be working towards solutions to community problems, like the current 'air quality,' as a result of the Napa Fires 2017! What type of invention could help the community? We shall see as they are put to the test. Keep  you posted on the outcomes. 
  • Currently they are taking Cornell Notes on air quality, atmosphere and weather. (Stay tuned for our work to be  posted, prototypes to be made! :-)


Recent Posts

Makey Makey STEM Pack

Robotics and Coding broke these packs down today and created these awesome projects. We turned ordinary items into circuits, expanding our problem-solving and communication skills. Check out our videos. Link to more:
Homework week 2/6/18
Students are to READ 60 minutes and respond in their AR Journal. Ask two questions and summarize.
Students will also have 7-3, 7-4, & 7-5 for math homework.
Test 2/9/18
PreAlgebra will have four math assignments this week.
Homework week 1/22/18
MATH: Students are to highlight math problems they feel they need help with in their packet. Solve a few.
READING: Students have a new AR Journal. They will read, "Make Connections," to their book and respond in their journal. They will also summarize the part they read. In total, they should have 1/2 of a page. Students should use complete sentences and proper grammar and punctuation.
We are Benchmark Testing
Current Week: 
11/27/17 - 12/1/17
  • Reading 60 minutes
  • Working on Science fair Project (GATE)
    1. Project 1/8/18
    2. Regular check ins with Ms. Brenner
  1. Birdhouse “What material I used, how my birdhouse helps the environment? 1 paragraph
  2. The Giver: “Hyperdoc” - Accessed on our classroom website:  
  3. READ: Chapter 14, 16, 18, 20 (entire week)
  4. Math wkbk! 5-2, 5-3 (Know division of 2 digits into four digits, with remainders!
  5. READING (New Reading Group Book)
Homework: 11/6/17 & 11/13/17
No homework packet for two weeks:
Students should be:
1. Completing Bird Feeder, made from recycled products/plastics.
2. Completing Project/Business Due 11/13
3. Writing: Completing pg. outline on new Argumentative Writing (brief outline)
4. Read 60 minutes
5. The Giver (occasionally they will have to read at home, should they not finish in class. We are reading together.
6. The Giver "Hyperdoc" complete as we read.
Ch 1-5 (this week) AND Ch 6-11, next week.
7. Reading their Reading Group book, completing packet.
PLUS: Math worksheet for the day.
Homework week:
1. Homework for this week is attached.
2. Students have projects due:
[All connected to Global Warming & Global Citizen]
  • (Birdhouse,recycled bottles DUE 11/10,
  • Project/Business DUE 11/13,
  • FINAL Project DUE 11/17/17 - Complete prototype, business! 
  • READ 60 min
  • Write 2nd Paragraph for Self-Driving Car Argument
  • Cont. Reading Group Packet (from last week)
  • 3-1 Math wkbk.
Week: 10/23/17
1. Homework is attached below: PDF QTR 2 Wk 
  • Read 30 min
  • Author's Purpose on one article
  • Math: 2-8, 2-9, TEST Friday.
  • Climate Change/Global warming research
  • Reading Group Packet (DUE 11/3/17)__________________
ALSO attached below: 
2. Cornell Notes (blank copy) attached below
3. Reading Group Packets ( Due 11/3/17) See below for GATE and Regular packets
4. Argumentative Writing Packets (Final due 11/3/17)
[We are working on this in class, but I want you to have  this packet. We've worked on the Introduction twice in class, talking about self-driving cars and also child slave labor. Students will use these packets to write an Argumentative Essay, answering the prompt: "Should students be allowed to use cell phones in class?"
Prior Week: (10/9/17)
  • Students should be working on Cornell Notes - Due 10/13
  • AR Points (20 by 10/10/17)
  • Reading Groups Book
  • Test on 2-1 thru 2-5 6th grade: PreAlgebra (retake test Ch 2)
  • HyperDoc: Greek Myths, should be done!
  • Early Man Virtual Reality Museum! (Due 10/16/17)
DUE 10/20/17 - WW2 Project (issued 9/2)
Global Warming/Climate change (Is it real or a myth?)
See Hyperdoc below