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Bus Delays

We would like to advise you that due to Health Department’s guidelines for COVID-19, we are experiencing a shortage of bus drivers resulting in delays in picking up and dropping off students. Late bus passes are being issued for all students arriving after the bell. We want to assure you that safety is our top priority and we ask for your patience during this trying time.

For any concerns regarding morning or afternoon bus delays, please call the Transportation Department at (559) 275-9734

Return to School 2022

A COVID-19 test is not required for students to return to school. If you picked up free student COVID —19 tests from one of our distribution spots this weekend - thank you! Please hang on to the tests and only use them if your child is experiencing symptoms. As long as students feel healthy and do not have any symptoms, please send them to school wearing their mask. Masking will continue to be required at school in order to follow state health requirements and keep students and our staff safe.

Foggy Day Protocol

To ensure the safety of all students throughout the district, a foggy day plan will be called if it meets these parameters. It may be extremely foggy in several areas, with no fog in others, but the call is made for the whole district.

Central Unified Online Preschool Enrollment

Preschool Online Enrollment is now open! If your child will be 4-years-old on or before December 1st, then he/she may qualify for preschool. For more information, please see the attached fliers.

ParentSquare Information

Read more if you need help accessing messages in ParentSquare. There are videos, screenshots and other valuable information to help you learn this communication tool and keep you connected to your child's school and teacher(s).

FOGGY DAY SCHEDULE: PLAN D - Morning Buses Canceled

Due to severe weather conditions and the safety of our students and staff, all transportation services will be canceled this morning. The safety of our students is our first priority. If a student is absent today due to bus cancellations, their absence will be excused. Click “Read full story” to see the full message.


Good morning Central Unified, Today, January 20, 2022, a Plan A foggy day schedule has been called; this means all buses are delayed for 2 hours, but schools will still open at their regular time. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s school.

FOGGY DAY SCHEDULE: PLAN D - Morning Buses Canceled

Due to severe weather conditions and the safety of our students and staff, all transportations services will be canceled this morning. At this time, afternoon bus routes are still on schedule for end-of-day routes. Click “Read Full Story” for the full message.
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